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With a well experienced Master Mariner as its director, our company is hired to prepare, coordinate and assist with load / discharge operations of all kind of cargoes.

We can also prepare Stowage Plans and stability Calculations on all type of vessels.

We have strong experience on IMO Bulk Cargoes Regulations (International Code for the Safe Carriage of Grain in Bulk), preparing stowage plans for bulk carrier vessels or correcting stability deficiencies.

MTS do Brasil is frequently called to coordinate port operations for vessels loading or discharging grains, project or steel cargoes.

Our surveyors inspect the vessels to verify their conditions at the moment when they are on-hired or off-hired. We also inspect the condition of the holds checking if they are clean and odourless, ready to load their grain cargoes.

We are frequently hired to control holds cleaning at vessels scheduled to load grains. Our surveyor supervise the cleaning operations and approve the holds condition after the operation is completed at satisfaction.

This is a procedure that takes place before goods are packed into a container and/or shipped on board. The Pre-Loading Cargo Condition Survey allows for an evaluation of the general conditions of cargoes and adoption of respective procedures, correct calculation of the materials to be used for cargo lashing, wedging and protecting.

This procedure consists in following the unloading operations carried out by the port operators, and it is usually associated with merchandises packed in big-bags or reels, project cargoes and solid bulk or liquid bulk. The purpose in this case is to ensure cargo integrity, pointing out any damages occurring during the process and any measures taken toward mitigation of damages.

This service aims to point out the nature, cause and size of damages suffered by the goods, containers, ships and other equipment. The main purpose is to ascertain a preliminary estimate with regard to the inflicted losses and to determine alleged responsibilities and the persons involved in respective claim.

This document is issued by our company to ensure the compliance with all technical standards and requirements provided always in accordance with IMO MSC/CIRC 745 guidelines for cargo securing manual and good seamanship practice.
The certificate is issued by professionals highly qualified and skilled in the subject, who apply data such as strength of materials, weight and stress distribution, container load capacity, breaking strength (cables, bands/straps, chains, hardware, etc.), packaging calculation, safety factor, e.t.c.
As Accredited Marine Surveyor® (AMS-1009) of de Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors® our certificate has international validity and is widely accepted by all owners involved on international trade.

On/off-hire bunker surveys: Notably for these surveys it is necessary that the surveyor in question is steadfast, thus not easily influenced, so that the vessel will be delivered to time charterers/redelivered to her owners with a correctly certified quantity of bunkers.

Bunker supply quantity and quality surveys: Considering the present excessive bunker oil prices, we deem this type of survey absolutely necessary, in order to make sure that the quantities as mentioned on the Bunker Delivery Notes (BDN) are true and correct.

Fuel is now the biggest individual cost we have in shipping, forcing many companies to slow-steam to reduce their costs.
It is true that many, probably most Chief Engineers have some fuel hidden onboard. However if the hidden fuel is not given up at the end of the charter, it stops being hidden and becomes stolen.
Bunkers detective survey guarantee that the just in case fuel does not disappear every time the vessel bunkers within the charter, and is it then replenished from the charters fuel once again.
There are many ways to hidden the bunkers: Short bunker delivery, Hidden compartments, Altered sounding pipe lengths, Magic pipes, Altered sounding tables, Sounding tapes not properly calibrated and Surveyors just accepting the Masters ROB as stated.
During last year MTS surveyors have found more than 2.000 tons of bunkers hidden saving that money for our clients.

These surveys aims to establishing the physical and operational conditions of ships for future charter or re-delivery of vessel upon end of charter. Said procedure comprehends a detailed inspection of the structural and mechanical conditions of decks, tweendecks, cargo holds, tanks, superstructure, engine room, cargo handling equipment and other ship's equipment, besides her electric and hydraulic plants and verification of the validity of the certificates issued by the vessel's Classification Society.

Draught and displacement surveys: One of the ways to ascertain the total loaded or discharged weight of (bulk) cargoes.
These surveys are implemented by our sworn surveyors in a two-way manner; i.e. before loading/discharge and after loading/discharge, upon which -on basis of the vessel’s draught mark readings- the vessel’s displacements are determined.
Corrections for vessel’s trim, location of draught marks and density of outboard basin water will be applied.
The difference between both corrected displacements is the loaded/discharged cargo weight; taking into consideration the ballast/potable water and fuel oil manipulations during loading/discharge.
A well conducted draught survey should achieve an accuracy within 0.5%.

Strategic challenges in risk management, asset management, and the new regulatory environment demand new levels of expertise. At MTS do Brasil consultants become content specialists early in their careers.
Our Financial Services Management Consulting business unit include into our clients a wide range of companies, all with the common thread of increasing institutional value.
We have distinctive expertise in risk management, customer relationship management, and business transformation. Our primary practice areas include: Wealth & Asset Management / Insurance / Finance & Risk / Corporate Finance & Advisory / Public Policy / Industrial Costs / Business Valuation / Elaboration of a Recovery Plan for Firms in Financial Crisis

- Holds sealing

- Cargo Measurement

- Joint Common Surveys

- Pre-Purchase Surveys

- Trans-Shipment Survey

- Liquid Cargoes Control


MTS do Brasil is the answer to your needs for a reliable Marine Surveyor. We are acting with professionalism and ethics using our experience and knowledge to defend your best interests. When you utilize our services you can expect accurate and professionally executed marine surveys.

We are proud members of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors SAMS®..

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